Noise and Ice

The word that comes to mind of what I have been up to lately is BUSY. Despite not really having any Christmas plans I have been swamped lately with work. It seemed like right after the few days I was off for Thanksgiving I have been running and gunning ever since. Last week I had a bunch of work at the mall site along with getting ready to go to a conference in Florida this past week. I felt absolutely hammered by the time I got back from that thing – not feeling I had one moment to myself the whole time I was there.

Plus, there’s a new girl on the scene

I’m not going to go into too many details at this time but I will say that we’ve had three dates so far and what’s left of this week is filling up with a few more before she takes off for the holidays to see her family. We laugh a lot in each other’s company so I’m just going with it and having fun right now. (Probably the true test is going to be if I can get her to a hockey game) Last night as I braved the icy roads to meet her at a pub I thought that I must enjoy her company a lot to get out in that kind of weather and after a 7 hour drive back from Florida no less. It was a packed and noisy Irish pub that I initially wished we hadn’t chosen until later when she moved into my side of the booth to hear me better. Then, I didn’t mind the noise so much and as we walked to our cars I linked my arm in hers grabbing the rail of an outdoor seating area to keep us from nearly falling on the icy sidewalk. So, noise and ice not a bad thing after all.Maybe she is ready for that hockey game.


2 Responses to “Noise and Ice”

  1. Hey…what happened to the girlfriend? I thought I remembered that you had a girlfriend….geesh…I lollygag for a month and miss everything…

  2. eight months and counting for me, and my girl hasn’t gotten me to a hockey game yet – although I suppose that since she’s playing again, I will have to go sometime…

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